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Yuletide Recs (part one?)

I have been very busy for the last week, and haven't gotten as far through the Yuletide archive as I wanted to. But I also wanted to make a recs post before author reveals, so here are the stories I've enjoyed so far!

First, my own gifts: I got 4 – count them, f-o-u-r – stories written for me this year! And all of them for Hadestown. I must have written a very inspiring letter. :D In no particular order:
Tastes so bitter and so sweet. 1.1k, M, Persephone/Eurydice PWP. This is hot and lyric and oh so bittersweet. Just a gorgeously written post-canon tale.
Make It Through the Wintertime. 1.5k, T. A really fantastic portrayal of Persephone as the new queen of Hadestown, still adjusting to her new life, and the creation of the river Lethe. I love the use of additional Greek mythology, adjusted to the Hadestown setting.
Philtering. 1.3k, G. A Demeter-POV look at how Persephone spends her summers, distilling her own alcohol. The food and drink porn in this is great, and I love the use of the Southern dialect.
There's a hell of a good hemisphere next door. 0.2k, G. And a happy fic after all the angst! A hopeful possibility for Persephone and Eurydice to escape Hadestown once and for all.

Sunday and Butterflies. Underground, 1k, G.
A really nice pre-canon slice of life for Cato. This story is very sweet on its own, but read in context of the series, it becomes heart-breaking.

Sequitur. It Follows, 1k, M.
It Follows is my favorite recent horror movie, but I wouldn't have thought it possible to write such a believable, coherent story from the perspective of The Entity. And yet this story delivers in creepy, creepy spades!

Aviens Rex. @birdsrightsactivist, 1.6k, G.
The fierce bird takes on a picnicking family. This is absolutely hilarious, and also includes this line:
birdsrightsactivist: Wait what you mean Dinosaur are extinct how is justify you tell larva human BOOK OF LIES excuse
birdsrightsactivist: @probirdrights EXCUSE
birdsrightsactivist: @probirdrights This is propogation of lies and erasure of lived experience as dinosauor of ME
birdsrightsactivist: @probirdrights Also why is T-Rex no feathers and walk around NAked RUDE no Bird or Dinosaur is naked always feathers

On the relative importance of hats, horses, and trust among new partners in criminal enterprise. Gentlemen of the Road, 3.2k, G.
An absolutely pitch-perfect capturing of the voice of canon, this story tells of the early days of Amram and Zelikman's partnership. Very funny and quite sweet.

sing it again. Hadestown, 2.7k, G.
Told from the POV of the Fates, this story does a wonderful job building and detailing the world outside of Hadestown. It's sad and quiet and completely beautiful.

A Change of Season. Tang Dynasty RPF, 3.5k, G.
I admit that I don't know the historical personages behind this story as well as I should, but I really enjoyed this tale of court politics and female friendship and patronage nonetheless.

Cat, Companion. Neko Atsume, 2.8, G.
This backstory behind the game is perhaps the MOST ADORABLE thing I have read all year. It's just too, too cute.

Like Mother, Like Daughter. Sorceror to the Crown, 1.1k, G.
Prunella faces down a bossy child with magical talent. Everything goes wrong. This was hilarious and perfectly in the tone of canon.

Call Me Fishmael. Moby Dick, 1.1k, G.
A whale tells his own version of Moby Dick. Not gonna lie, I loved this mainly for the puns. It's crack-fic of the best kind.

Event Horizon. Moby Dick, 3.3k, M.
And this is a serious retelling of Moby Dick, set in space, from Queequeg's POV. I love how shifting the perspective of those opening scenes makes it such a vastly different story. Also, this one has more sex than the original. :D

Wedding Bed. The Grand Sophy, 1.1k, E.
A post-canon scene of Sophy and Charles running away before their wedding. Sweet and hot and perfectly in-character.

weird boy. The Get Down, 2.1k, T.
A Dizzee/Thor fic with beautiful writing, that really captures what the inside of Dizzee's head must be like.

a multitude of sins. The Get Down, 2k, T.
YES IT IS THE SHAOLIN FANTASTIC/ZEKE FIC I HAVE DREAMED OF. This is slow and quiet and sad and so, so believable. Plus huddling for warmth and bed-sharing! It is everything I have ever wanted out of this fandom, basically.

The War of the Worlds and All That.
Jeeves & Wooster, 7.1k, T.
Bertie is abducted by aliens, sort of saves Earth, and confesses his feelings to Jeeves. The voice is absolutely perfect, and so many of the world-building details about the aliens made me laugh out loud. An excellent, excellent story.

a song of their own. Dragonriders of Pern, 8k G.
A very nice fic centering on OCs, showing what the life of an ordinary dragon and dragonrider looks like. This really managed to capture a whole novel's worth of characters and events in a relatively short story, and I'm so impressed by it.

The Long Summoning. Lovecraft mythos, 2.4k, T.
A horror story that manages to be genuinely terrifying while still beautifully written. I highly recommend this, but with a trigger warning for the usual Lovecraft sort of things.

Pounded by Cthulhu's Lost Butt-tacle. Lovecraft mythos and Chuck Tingle, 3.9k, E.
And way over on the other side of the Lovecraftian universe, there is this hilarious parody. C'mon, how can you not love a story that includes "the great mad poet Abdul Alhunkred"?

Troublesome to Others, But a Torment to Themselves. Vorkosigan, 9.9k, T.
All Mark wants to do is date Kareen. All Miles wants to do is spend time with his brother. These wishes do not blend well together. This is a madcap advaneture of the best kind.

Revenge of Final Pam. Monster Factory, 0.3k, G.
A fantastic little Madness treat that is the absolutely correct approach to introducing Final Pam to Yuletide.

Lovely in Her Fall. Kushiel's Universe, 10.1k, E.
A collection of OCs exploring the Houses of the Night Court that get less attention in canon. Since I've always wandered what exactly is erotic about Balm (healing), Gentian (prophecy, mysticism), and some of the others, I was very interested in this story. The author does a fantastic job of showing all the possibilities, while also being hot, tender, and sweet.

would my heart by changed. Gladiator - Dami Im (music video), 10.2k, T.
A wonderful f/f fairy tale with Korean-inspired worldbuilding. This was great fun to read.

All Your Blood. The Hateful Eight, 13.1k, E.
Mannix/Warren post-canon. This is hot and kinky and angry and complicated and the voice is PERFECT and the characterizations are spot-on, and I love it so much I just want to wrap it in a bow and make everyone admire it.

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