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Oh my God. I have spent the last several hours reading about monkey balls, and I am so disturbed. Why did I let you people convince me to take the primate class?

Still. Hamilton and Arrowood (1978) found that calls given toward the end of copulation by promiscuously mating savanna baboons were structurally more complex than those given either by monogamous pairs of gibbons or by human couples? There is no way sentences like that are not funny. I can't stop imagining scientists in lab coats with clipboards gathering all three species in the same lab.

On an entirely different subject, I've come to a conclusion about my favorite character types: I act exactly like them when sick. This has been the last few days:

My body: Sleeping for fifteen straight hours seems like a good idea! Also, hey- nothing hurts when you're unconscious.
Me: Whatever. I am clearly competent to go to class, nor do I need medicine. Um. Why do I understand nothing of what's going on around me? And why are the walls spinning?
My body: Sleeeeeeeeep.
Me: Ch. It's been a day since the last time I tried to do anything, I must be better by now. Besides, I'm bigger than virii, so I can squish them. I think I'll go stand around for an hour or two, listen to speeches, and have awkward conversations with people I don't know well! ...or I could try it and almost pass out.

Not that this is news to anyone who's watched me when sick before, but I never thought of it that way. Although I have always stopped before actually collapsing, unlike my beloved characters well, except for that one time, but I didn't lose consciousness so it doesn't count. Though if my sudden tendency to run, jump, spin and skip just for the hell of it is any indication, I am finally better. Except for the random coughing of disgusting things from my lungs, but that will pass.
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