Brigdh (wordsofastory) wrote,

Five Things Make a Post

1. Do you remember, long ago in the dawn of the internet, there was a guy who kept writing stories in which Roy Orbison was wrapped in clingfilm? It's a book now. Complete with Guardian review! I do not understand the world.

2. This vid, starring various Disney villainesses, is SO GOOD and hilarious.

3. On the other hand, this vid (Game of Thrones, labelled Jaime/Brienne but I think it's a bit more of a Jamie character-study) is heartbreaking and painful but also SO GOOD.

4. A Zailor in the Making by [personal profile] sholio (Guardians of the Galaxy/Fallen London crossover, G, 2.2k) is adorable and really captures both canons.

5. secrets by venndaai (Benjamin January, T, 2.3k) is incredibly fantastic. Shaw is a werewolf and Ben has healing powers and Olympe's voice is pitch-perfect and I love every word.

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Tags: ben january, game of thrones, other fandoms, story recs
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