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10 April 1984
External Services:
  • brigdh@gmail.com
  • wordsofastory@livejournal.com

I go by Brigdh. If you're looking for me in other places, I can be found here:
Brigdh on tumblr
Brigdh on AO3
(If you prefer to read fic on LJ, I maintain a list of all my stories here.)
Brigdh on GoodReads
My email is brigdh at gmail.
No twitter, and though I do have a Dreamwidth, I never bother to update it.

This is mainly a fandom journal, though I also post everyday mundanities. I try to keep the memes to a minimum. I post weekly reviews of the books I'm reading and TV/movies I'm watching. I also occasionally post about poetry, food, politics, travel, and anything else that catches my interest. I think I'm entertaining, but I'm probably biased.

Professional Reader Reviews Published Challenge Participant

Friending Policy: Friend me! Friend me! Don't ask, just do it. If I don't friend you back, don't worry about it: I'm just trying to keep my flist to a readable length, and anyway, we change Presidents more often than I post locked entries. And it doesn't mean that I don't want you to friend me; after all, I validate my existence by the current count of 'friends of'. Alright, not really. But I love to meet new people, so you should add me if you want to.

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